Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cross Lake Blues and Kilfenora Ceili Dancers

Performance by Ms Bridge's Class
Term resumed today and violin class was very busy as we learned to do some new steps. We took two new steps today. changing from D to A string and putting first second and third finger down on D string to make G' (high G). Remember  2 and 3 like to stick together.

1.New clapping rhythm KIl-fen-or-a Cei-li Danc-ers   quaver rhythm.
2 First finger riff  Revision
3 3rd finger down  on D string  new note G Old MacDonald  **NEW
4 Cross Lake Blues    **NEW
5 Now You Has Jazz Listening and responding.  Cole Porter

Thanks to my wonderful helpers Isobel, Ava and Erin. Nothing is too much trouble for these girls .
Leaders  James, Eyosa,  Bass Martin.

If you would like to have another listen to our listening track today , you can see the musicians in the video clip on the right. Louis Armstrong was a very famous jazz trumpeter and the singe is Bing Crosby who had a big hit with White Christmas

Bravo to Claudia who played Twinkle Twinkle for me today on her new violin. Wonderful Brava!

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